Talking Scales are ideal for people with poor eyesight or for anyone who doesn’t want to look down at the scale. Featuring large screens and wide bases, these scales are the perfect option for the health-conscious.
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Top of the Line Talking Scale

Health o meter Pro Talking Scale


This professional talking scale reads out the weight in either English or Spanish for those who are visually impaired. As an added convenience, the weight is displayed for 20 seconds after the user steps off the scale. The platform’s exceptional design outperforms all top brands when used on carpet and does not call for additional carpet feet.

Capacity 400 LB
Graduation 0.1 LB

Best Selling Talking Scale

Health o meter SlimTalk Digital Talking Scale


For use by the vision impared, and telemedicine, talking scales are ideal. The SlimTalk XL scale is user-friendly for people with vision impairments and offers clear, amiable audio announcements of the weight in either English or Spanish. Just about anyone can be accommodated on the extra-wide platform. For simple access, the low-profile platform is only 1.4 in/36 mm high. The Detecto SlimTALK XL has a sturdy plastic base with a ribbed black mat for user safety and weighing traction.

Capacity 550 LB
Graduation 0.1 LB

Users Choice Talking Scale

Taylor Talking Scale

Taylor Glass Talking Scale

With the practical and fashionable Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Scale, you can achieve your weight goals and track your progress. The 1.1-inch LCD display of the digital talking scale allows you to read weight quickly, or you can listen to a female voice proclaim it. Listen to weights being announced in English in pounds or in Spanish, Greek, German, or Croatian in kilograms—perfect for people with vision impairment.

Capacity 440 LB
Graduation 0.2 LB