Health o Meter 500KL Digital Medical Scale

The old balance beam doctor scales should be replaced with this Health o Meter 500KL Digital Medical Scale. The sizable base, large capacity, and quick, precise weighing makes this scale is perfect for any environment.

Health o Meter 500KL Professional Digital Column Scales

The Health o Meter 500KL Digital Medical Scale offers a ton of fantastic new features that are perfect for any hospital or domestic environment. For extremely accurate measurements, the Health-o-Meter 500KL digital beam scale makes use of powerful microprocessing technology. This precision scale has features that make the weighing procedure easy, quick, and convenient while still being accurate, dependable, and repeatable. Due to its low-profile 2.5 in. high base, the extra-large base is totally digital and has no moving parts, making it incredibly simple to step onto. Body Mass Index (BMI) and USB connection port.

Weight Capacity:   500 lb (220 kg)
Weight Graduation:   0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
Display:   1 inch LCD
Power:  6 AA (included) or AC Power
Height Measurement Range 30 to 84 inches (76 to 214 cm)
Height Graduation 1/4 inches (0.5 cm)
Warranty 2 Year Factory Warranty
Health o Meter 500KL Height Rod

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