894KLT – User Instructions

To replace the batteries in a Health o meter 894KLT scale, you can try these steps:

1. Remove the protective plastic film covering the display (the film says “FACTORY CALIBRATED”).
2. Unplug the optional AC adapter, if connected to a power source.
3. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the battery cover on the side of the display assembly by unscrewing the (2) battery cover screws.
4. Replace or install the batteries with new units. Health o meter recommends using an alkaline or lithium battery, rated for 130°F (54°C) operation. Do not use zinc-carbon batteries
5. Re-attach the battery cover to the display assembly
6. Ensure nothing is on the scale and press the ON/OFF button to turn the scale on. The display will show “start” then “0.0” KG. Press the LB/KG button to select the weight mode.

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