4 load cell technology

Accuracy is essential for weight measuring. You want to be sure that the reading you’re getting is correct whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight within a healthy range. That is where load cells come in. In order to measure weight, a load cell converts the force applied to it into an electrical signal. Load cells are used in weight scales to measure the weight of an item or person standing on the platform.

Load Cells 4 load cell technology

Four load cells are commonly used in a weight scale to precisely measure weight. Each load cell is positioned at a platform corner and is in responsible for measuring the force applied to that corner. The total weight of the item or person on the platform is then calculated using the signals from all four load cells.

Why use four load cells instead of just one? The answer lies in the geometry of the weight scale. When weight is applied to a platform, it creates both vertical and horizontal forces. If there were only one load cell in the center of the platform, it would be difficult to distinguish between the vertical and horizontal forces. However, with four load cells at the corners of the platform, the vertical force is detected by all four load cells, while the horizontal force is detected by only two load cells at opposite corners. By measuring the difference between the signals from the two opposite load cells, the weight scale can compensate for any horizontal force and provide an accurate weight measurement.


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